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Radio Show
The Rock Show - Kyle Nickum

The Rock Show airs on Phantom FM 103.3, Bathurst's Community Radio Station every Monday and Thursday @10pm, Friday @4am, Saturday @7am, and Sunday @6am. 

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Chaleur Bleu - John Boulay

Join John Boulay every Wednesday at 7PM for Chaleur Blue, the one-stop-shopping source for all your bluesy needs!

Halfway Home - Noah Gastélum

Noah Gastélum plays contemporary alternative, folk & indie rock with an emphasis on storytelling. Music that makes you want to drive to the middle of nowhere, pitch a tent and stare at the stars. Noah drinks alot of coffee and has furious debates with his cat over the relevance of Karl Marx in 21st Century political economics. He loves breakfast foods. 

"All music is folk music. I never heard no horse sing." - Big Bill Broonzy

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Vinyl Love Forever - Phyllis Grant

Traditional meets technology in this half hour program delightfully fused together by your host, Phyllis Grant. Community radio at heart!

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Man Playing Guitar
Classic Pics - Glen Ferguson

Classic pics is hosted by Phantom FM creator, Glen Ferguson. A mixture of old classics and new, soon to be classic music. Insightful commentary on The artists and bands. It does not have to be old to be classic!

Road Trippin' - Conrad Coughlan

“I like having themes, keeping it simple and building the show with music that flows around a theme.  Highlight the artist, some insight into the song, finding the right balance of communication to the listener.  In the end it’s about the music.”  “I just want people to have a good time, sit back and relax, crank up the volume on the receiver and enjoy.  The show will evolve, I will evolve with the show, I will have fun with it, the music will be awesome and hopefully that all resonates with the listeners.” - Conrad "COUG" Coughlan

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Country Gold - Al Hebert

Join the legendary Al Hebert Sunday nights at 8:00 and midnight for two hours of country gold. 

Weekdays - Garnet Cripps

Join Garnet Cripps weekdays 6am-5pm!

Friday nights at 10 and Saturday nights at 9, check in for an hour of your favourite party music expertly mixed by your favourite DJs from New Brunswick and across Canada. Hosted by Bathurst's DJ Transmission, this high-energy mix-show contains EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop and other dance favourites. 

Listen to all previous episodes here!

Vinyl Vault - Garnet Cripps

Join Garnet Cripps for Vinyl Vault Monday nights at 9 and Tuesday nights at 7. 

Gloucester County Country

Sundays from 10am-2pm and 6pm-8pm, enjoy a mix of your favourite hot country and country classics. 

The Road Less Travelled - Blake Glendenning

Wednesdays at 8:00PM, Saturdays at 4:00PM, Sundays at 9AM, Mondays at 7PM and Tuesdays at 10PM.


Exposed to music at an early age, Blake has been exploring music for almost 50 years.  He listened to his brother’s Doors albums when Jim Morrison was still alive.  Forever the influencer, Blake has given out many a mixed tape and CD in his day.  His first gig as a DJ was in the early 80s at UNB where he also did a stint as Music Director. His goal in life is to present you with music you’ve never heard of and leave you wanting to hear more.  And there’s lots of that out there….